Saturday, 28 February 2015


Hi everyone  - I wanted to share with you a few things we are working on in our writing. This is Emma's book and what she did here herself before she came to see me was  ' I ma (am) p o m sh.  (I am putting on my shoes)

 Emma's learning goal in this case was :
To write by myself.
 Her Success Criteria
 To read her work - to find the next word she needed
To use starting letters she could hear (for words she didn't know)
To use her word card to help find starting letter sounds and some high frequency words (such as I, am)

Great job Emma !

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Hi everyone! Our PB4L focus this week is: 'keeping our hands and feet to ourselves'.  In class we have had lots of discussions about this and why we need to do it.  The main reasons Room 5 thought of were ....
1) So that people don't get hurt or hurt others.
2) So that the silly actions of one or more people do not distract others.  If someone is distracted, they are not learning.  (we have had big discussions on what distracted means)

One of our favourite books this week is "The highway Rat" - written by Julia Donaldson (the author of "The Gruffalo") Today we combined some drama/ role play with the PB4L focus.  In the book, the Highway Rat steals food from all the animals he meets travelling along the highway.  We combined this story with our PB4L focus an 'hey presto' we have some animals that are not going to be threatened by the Highway Rat (who was not keeping his hands to himself). Enjoy - and please feel free to leave a comment.  Room 5 would love to hear from you :-)

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Fun Friday!

Everyone has been working pretty hard in Room 5, so we decided to do some fun baking in our house colours for "House day" this Friday. We actually have 6 people in Rimu - so a couple of them joined other groups to even up the numbers a bit.  The children listened very well and did a great job. We did some writing about what we did too.  Here are some pictures and I will publish some pictures of their writing this week.  We had Raheesh and Meadow visit our class this morning.  Both of them will be starting with us soon in Room 5.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Hi All - just a reminder that Friday is House day.  Wear a shirt in your house colour! If you are unsure of the house your child is in, I did write it in the home fun books, or feel free to email me anytime on (about this or anything else).  We had another busy day today.  It is pretty hot in our class, and we had many fading flowers towards the end of the day.  PLEASE ensure your child has a drink bottle for in the classroom - it does help :-) I hope you have been able to log your child on to Reading Eggs.  If you are having trouble it may be that the flash player is not up -to-date (this was the problem in the classroom).

This afternoon we did some PE - small ball skills.  We practised underarm passing, passing to and catching from, a partner.  I will post some pictures and examples of the children's writing in the next couple of days.  Thanks!

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Hello to you all! I hope you are all resting up after a busy first week.  We have done quite a lot of statistics, and now we are beginning to do some group work in reading and maths.  We have also been doing some art and our 'self portraits' are really starting to take shape.  On Monday in the homefun I will send home your child's reading eggs password (there is a link to reading eggs on this blog page) or try  Once you have logged in, it may take you to a "message to parents screen"  -you can just click to skip this page and enter the first activity. Our team leader, Karien Fourie,  has asked me to put the following notice on my blog regarding reading eggs.  It really is a great programme which children can use at home and at school!
It is a requirement  for parents to pay a subscription fee of $30 for each student in the Kiwi Team to have access to the Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress website.    This programme forms and addition to class literacy programmes.    Classroom teachers will check  lessons that have been done by students, books that they have read exct.   Teachers can also provide the students with reports on their progress with the program.  

You will notice that your child are able to access this website even though payments have not been made.  We are requesting for parents to pay this subscription fee before the end of Term 1 2014. If we have not received any payments  by the end of the term,  access on the site will be denied.  
Our focus this week with our PB4L again comes under the 'be respectful' heading.  This week the focus is on ' 'looking after property and equipment.'  We will be looking for people in the class who can demonstrate this behaviour.  It is so important, both with our own property and other people's that we can take care of it!
Have a great week!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

First day over!

Well, we had a fantastic first day in Room 5. What a lovely group of children! We did some statistics. We found out that 10 out of 14 people in our classroom have brown eyes, and green was the favourite colour of most of the people in the class.  We made a graph which showed this, and we were able to make some other statements  about the data too.   We read the book ' my dad' and had a bit of a  talk about our special families.  We then did a little bit of writing based on this. In the afternoon we had many sleepy people but we did manage to do some drama based on 'The lighthouse keeper's rescue' A little clip from this is shown here.

Today we also did some work on the 'Positive behaviour for learning'  (PB4L) initiative.  This encourages children to follow the ABCD plan.

A - Act Safely

B - Be Respectful

C - Consider your Choices

D - Do good, because good is good to do.

This week the focus is 'being on time' , which comes under the 'Be respectful' heading. Samuel and Caden were first to wear the special badges we have for this.  When I asked everyone to start packing up so they would be ready to move on to the next thing, these two were quickly on task, ensuring they were 'on time' in getting down to the mat.  Well done you two!  I will send home a sheet tomorrow with some general information on it. I am not going to give out home fun  -as such this week.  I want to give everyone some time to adjust to this new routine of coming to school. But - for the very enthusiastic I will include a few ideas of  things that you can work on. See you all tomorrow :-)