Sunday, 1 February 2015

First day over!

Well, we had a fantastic first day in Room 5. What a lovely group of children! We did some statistics. We found out that 10 out of 14 people in our classroom have brown eyes, and green was the favourite colour of most of the people in the class.  We made a graph which showed this, and we were able to make some other statements  about the data too.   We read the book ' my dad' and had a bit of a  talk about our special families.  We then did a little bit of writing based on this. In the afternoon we had many sleepy people but we did manage to do some drama based on 'The lighthouse keeper's rescue' A little clip from this is shown here.

Today we also did some work on the 'Positive behaviour for learning'  (PB4L) initiative.  This encourages children to follow the ABCD plan.

A - Act Safely

B - Be Respectful

C - Consider your Choices

D - Do good, because good is good to do.

This week the focus is 'being on time' , which comes under the 'Be respectful' heading. Samuel and Caden were first to wear the special badges we have for this.  When I asked everyone to start packing up so they would be ready to move on to the next thing, these two were quickly on task, ensuring they were 'on time' in getting down to the mat.  Well done you two!  I will send home a sheet tomorrow with some general information on it. I am not going to give out home fun  -as such this week.  I want to give everyone some time to adjust to this new routine of coming to school. But - for the very enthusiastic I will include a few ideas of  things that you can work on. See you all tomorrow :-)

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