Saturday, 7 February 2015

Hello to you all! I hope you are all resting up after a busy first week.  We have done quite a lot of statistics, and now we are beginning to do some group work in reading and maths.  We have also been doing some art and our 'self portraits' are really starting to take shape.  On Monday in the homefun I will send home your child's reading eggs password (there is a link to reading eggs on this blog page) or try  Once you have logged in, it may take you to a "message to parents screen"  -you can just click to skip this page and enter the first activity. Our team leader, Karien Fourie,  has asked me to put the following notice on my blog regarding reading eggs.  It really is a great programme which children can use at home and at school!
It is a requirement  for parents to pay a subscription fee of $30 for each student in the Kiwi Team to have access to the Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress website.    This programme forms and addition to class literacy programmes.    Classroom teachers will check  lessons that have been done by students, books that they have read exct.   Teachers can also provide the students with reports on their progress with the program.  

You will notice that your child are able to access this website even though payments have not been made.  We are requesting for parents to pay this subscription fee before the end of Term 1 2014. If we have not received any payments  by the end of the term,  access on the site will be denied.  
Our focus this week with our PB4L again comes under the 'be respectful' heading.  This week the focus is on ' 'looking after property and equipment.'  We will be looking for people in the class who can demonstrate this behaviour.  It is so important, both with our own property and other people's that we can take care of it!
Have a great week!

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