Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Hi All - just a reminder that Friday is House day.  Wear a shirt in your house colour! If you are unsure of the house your child is in, I did write it in the home fun books, or feel free to email me anytime on nicolaw@reremoana.school.nz (about this or anything else).  We had another busy day today.  It is pretty hot in our class, and we had many fading flowers towards the end of the day.  PLEASE ensure your child has a drink bottle for in the classroom - it does help :-) I hope you have been able to log your child on to Reading Eggs.  If you are having trouble it may be that the flash player is not up -to-date (this was the problem in the classroom).

This afternoon we did some PE - small ball skills.  We practised underarm passing, passing to and catching from, a partner.  I will post some pictures and examples of the children's writing in the next couple of days.  Thanks!

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