Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Hi everyone! Our PB4L focus this week is: 'keeping our hands and feet to ourselves'.  In class we have had lots of discussions about this and why we need to do it.  The main reasons Room 5 thought of were ....
1) So that people don't get hurt or hurt others.
2) So that the silly actions of one or more people do not distract others.  If someone is distracted, they are not learning.  (we have had big discussions on what distracted means)

One of our favourite books this week is "The highway Rat" - written by Julia Donaldson (the author of "The Gruffalo") Today we combined some drama/ role play with the PB4L focus.  In the book, the Highway Rat steals food from all the animals he meets travelling along the highway.  We combined this story with our PB4L focus an 'hey presto' we have some animals that are not going to be threatened by the Highway Rat (who was not keeping his hands to himself). Enjoy - and please feel free to leave a comment.  Room 5 would love to hear from you :-)


  1. Well done Room 5,

    I have heard several of your class mates repeat 'stand and deliver' in the play ground and other children replying 'keep your hands to yourself'. Now I know what you were all practicing!

    Mrs Gregory

  2. Great job with the role play Room 5!!

    Elaine V