Friday, 27 March 2015

Inquiry -ducks

We really do know a lot about ducks in Room 5.   We have learned that ducks have an oil gland that they use to keep their feathers waterproof.  They are continuously using their bills to preen and cover their feathers in oil. Yesterday, we did some great experiments on what 'waterproof' means.  We applied some oil to paper, then put some water on it and watched it bead up rather than soak in.  We also looked at other materials that we found were waterproof like glad wrap and tinfoil.

 Today, as with most Fridays, we had some new entrant visitors.   Today we looked at snails (incidentally, one type of food enjoyed by ducks) We had a book, a poem and snail hunt.  We then did some writing on snails.  My favourite story today was Sam's.  This was all his own work (apart from the last line which I helped him with)

The snail is chomping on the leaf.
He made a trail, a slimy trail.
I found the snail, I followed the trail. 
Sam Collins

Here are some other pieces of writing from today

The snail is making a trail.  
He is slithering.
Mia van der Merwe

The snail is slithering to me.
 It is coming and he is making a slimy trail on the carpet.
Jake Davies

The snail is up on the leaf. 
 He fell down the leaf.
Eden M

The snail is making tracks on the ground.
Asriyah Ali

The snail is making a slimy trail.
He is sliding to me.
Emma Roberts

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  1. Wow Room 5 you know a lot about ducks! I have enjoyed having you bring your writing over to share it with me in the office. You are very busy learners.