Friday, 24 April 2015


Hello to you all!

Yesterday, we made poppies to commemorate ANZAC day.  We also wrote about this -and our understanding of what ANZAC day is about.  Here we are with our poppies and here are  some of the pieces of writing we did on Friday.

The people died in the war for us.   It was sad.  We made poppies to remember them.  - Sam

I am wearing my poppy.  I remember the soldiers who died.  - Jake

I am making a poppy.  We remember the armies who fought in the war.  - Caden

I made a poppy - Haru

The people died in the war.  We remember with the poppies.  -Zoe

We are making poppies so we remember the war.  I am wearing my poppy. - Rebecca

I am making a poppy.  I am wearing it.  The poppy is pretty. - Aleesha

We wear poppies for ANZAC  day.  I love school . - Peter

The poppies are growing up and they have crosses around them. - Emma

When the people died, it was sad for the people. - Abbey

I am making a poppy.  Why do we make poppies? So, we can remember people fighting. -Antonio

Thursday, 2 April 2015

House day - Happy Holidays!

We had a lovely colourful class today.  I hope you all have a fantastic holiday.  See you next term. :-)