Friday, 8 May 2015

A busy week!

This week was a busy one.  We finished off with a great  Mother's day celebration today. Thanks to all who came - to all who couldn't make it (I hope a cupcake made it home to you? :-) ) .  I can't believe how much food our little people consumed. Hopefully I will be able to get some photos from Ms Fothergill as I didn't take any myself.

Earlier this week we wrote letters to Fletchers for the trees they donated to the school. We even counted the trees (hedge) they gave us by the fence line (75)  (Maths, Fitness and Writing - all tied in to the one activity!)

Getting a good copy with perfect spelling was no easy feat for these youngsters and a lot of effort went into these letters.  Four of Room 5 went over to the Fletchers home to deliver these letters.  Ms Harland took these photos.  Thanks Room 5 for your hard work and Ms Harland for the pictures.

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  1. oh very cool it looked like you guys had a lot of fun