Friday, 15 May 2015


Happy Friday Everyone.

I have been really impressed with writing this week.  We have really been working hard.  This week our PB4L focus has been on 'staying safe'  and we have looked at how we move around the school. Here is some writing about this.

My sister saw big kids bump into a girl. The little kid cried.  The teacher was not angry at the big kids  she just said, "No running around corners." 

Do not run into the little kids.  That will hurt the little kids.  Please don't knock us over.  You will have to say, "Sorry".

Please do not run around buildings because you will bang into a big kid.  It is a good idea to run on the grass otherwise you will get a stubbed toe. 

Do not run around corners because you might bump into the wall. - Ash

The big kid bumped into the wall - Brody


  1. Lovely writing from the children :-) Jo

  2. Lovely writing from the children :) you are an amazing teacher Miss Williams , love the passion you have for teaching our children, can really see it in there work. keep up the great work :)