Friday, 12 June 2015

From cream to butter

Hi all - as many of you will have heard, today we had the fun experience of making butter. This tied in to our current inquiry on milk. We made it by tipping some cream, a pinch of salt into some jars (thanks Zoe's Nana) and  shaking, shaking shaking. Mrs Williams should have bought and brought more biscuits as there was not enough for two each.  This did lead to exploration of a maths problem involving fractions (The importance of maths being used across the curriculum as a way to solve problems is something I have been doing some reading on recently). It was Rebecca who suggested we cut the spare biscuits into four (after we worked out we still did not have enough if we halved them).  Well done - smart thinking!

This photo and the one below made me laugh - Emma was sneaking some extra butter out of the jar - doesn't the face below say it all!


  1. You are too funny Emma! Its lovely to see the children enjoying learning about butter making. I bet it tasted great!


  2. What fun! Very clever Room 5!