Friday, 7 August 2015

Reading fun

Hi All - we had some fun in reading today making these hedgehogs.  No cross grouping on Friday, so it is lovely to catch up on everyone's learning.  Here are some pictures from this fun reading experience.


  1. Very cute! We'll be making some this weekend as Emma really enjoyed the experience :-)

  2. I heard all about this learning experience and it sounded like a lot of fun Room 5. Lily will you be able to make these for me on the weekend? Hopeful Mum!

  3. Hello Room 5! I love the hedgehogs you've made. What did you use and did you eat it? I would really want to do it some time!
    From Sky- Room 2

  4. Hey Room 5! Your hedgehogs look delicious, does it taste as great as it looks? I hope you have as much fun as I do when I make them! =)

    -Adah Rm 2