Saturday, 1 August 2015

Writing in Room 5

Hi all - here is some of the great writing we have done this week as we work on making our writing interesting for an audience.

The Highway rat likes to steal everyone's food because he's a bad rat.  He has got two things about him that are black, it's his mask and his hat.  His whiskers are long and white.  His sword is shiny and strong. - By Ryan

The Highway Rat is mean.  He has big sharp teeth.  Is tail is horrible.   It looks scary. His whiskers look pointy and sharp. He steals people's food.  - Chaska

Scarface Claw has big whiskers and a long tail.  He's got yellow eyes.  They glow in the dark.
By Meadow

The Praying Mantis is green with sharp spikes on his leg. His eyes are big like tractor wheels.
By Eden

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  1. This audience was very interested in your great describing Room 5! When you use those powerful adjectives you help to paint a picture in my head, so I can see what your animal looks like! Well done.