PB4L - Positive Behaviour for Learning


SW -Positive Behaviour for Learning     
Introducing PB4L
B4L School-Wide looks at behaviour and learning from a whole-of-school as well as an individual child perspective.
The Positive Behaviour for Learning School-Wide framework, otherwise known as PB4L School-Wide, is helping New Zealand schools build a culture where positive behaviour and learning is a way of life. The framework can be tailored to a school’s own environment and cultural needs. It’s not about changing the students; it’s about changing the environment, systems and practices we have in place to support our students to make positive behaviour choices.
Reremoana School was chosen to participate in this programme over the next 3 to 5 years.  A PB4L team with staff & BOT parent reps has been set up to participate in training, analyse results of surveys, gather data to work out how this best fits Reremoana School.

The Principes behind PB4L
The following principles lay the foundation for developing an effective school wide system:
Behaviour is observable and measureable,
  (i.e. specific actions that people do).
Behaviour tends to be triggered by an event around us.
Behaviour is purposeful and depends on the context.
Behaviour is controlled, (weakened or reinforced), by what happens after it.
Managing challenging behaviour is often unsuccessful because we try to manage the what rather than the why.  We can never directly control/manage another’s behaviour, we can only influence it by adjusting the context or improving the skill set.
We should try to understand the WHY of behaviour.

PB4L shows we can teach children how to behave. If a student does not have the skills, (eg. sharing), we need to teach them. If a child has the skills but can’t show it in some contexts, (eg. will share with friends but not others), we need to review the skill or alter the context. A student may have the skill but does not use it fluently, (eg. will only share sometimes),—we can help them practice and give feedback in a range of contexts.

As parents, you know that changing behaviour may not happen over-night - but it will happen! Especially when we are all working off the same page! 

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